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product descriptions

Let me introduce Youngjin Industrial Co., Ltd.

Elastic packing materials for children's play facilities

PU(Polyurethane) Rubber powder consists of chain-shaped polymeric compounds with urethane binding as the main component.
PU(Polyurethane) Rubber powder is characterized by excellent adhesion strength due to its good affinity with urethane binder, an adhesive used in construction, excellent abrasion resistance, elasticity, and reliability due to its excellent weather-resistant substance, and has little color and property change even if exposed to ultraviolet or acid rain, so it is widely used in outdoor playgrounds, outdoor sports facilities, and walking paths.
In particular, Youngjin Co., Ltd.'s Polyurethane (PU) rubber powder is an eco-friendly product that has obtained environmental labeling certification.

EPDM Rubber Powder stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, Etylene Propylene Diene, etc.
refers to synthetic rubber made. EPDM rubber powder has excellent durability and heat resistance resistance content and excellent collar stability.

elastic packing material type

Double layer - 55mm, 65mm, 75mm and 95mm are used for children's playgrounds,
Products that meet the limit drop height criteria and are applied where excellent elasticity is required.

sectional drawing

key characteristic

  • ·various colors By using color chips of various colors, you can create designs that match your surroundings.
  • ·excellent durability It is easy to maintain and maintain without thermal expansion or distortion due to temperature changes.
  • ·soundproofing effect It has excellent effects on noise and vibration prevention and does not produce dust.
  • ·Pedestrian characteristics It has excellent elasticity, so it is easy to walk comfortably and safely as walking does not strain your joints.
  • ·environmental affinityIt creates a clean environment because there are no problems such as various pollution or pests.

main component

PU Rubber

EPDM Rubber

Black Rubber

Binder (adhesive)

Primer (adhesive)


This color chart may differ from the actual construction color.


a children's playground, etc

application case

Application Example To reduce injury caused by falling shock at a place where children's rides are installed, shock absorption flooring materials for outdoor children's play facilities (hereinafter referred to as elastic foam materials)
It is a construction method that is constructed with a structure of 40 to 80mm of lower layer-SBR rubber powder and 15mm of upper layer-PU rubber powder in accordance with the quality and laying regulations.


Installation order

Haji theorem > Primer > Stirring > Rubber powder foam and flatness > Hitting