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YOUNGJIN Company introduction



The basis of the Youngjin Industry Co., Ltd. is the quality of products through continuous technology development.
We will continue through quality maintenance and improvement research.


Since its establishment in 2007, Youngjin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a pavement company specializing
in continuous research for product development based on environmental, design, and
customer-oriented corporate spirit.

Youngjin Industrial Co., Ltd. manufactures and constructs eco-friendly floor packaging materials,
geotextiles for civil engineering materials, and manufactures and constructs various landscaping,
civil engineering, and building materials.

Until today, it is a sound company that has been striving for decades of research and
development and achieving solid growth without being settled in reality. it has already been
recognized for its manufacturing and construction capabilities in Korea.

Looking forward to the vision to leap beyond the Korean market to the global market, we will
strive to become a creative and innovative company that puts the environment, beautiful
safety, and customers first.